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Congrat's to Christian for winning our Promo Team contest.

Christian (white shirt) at National Coming Day on the MSU campus Oct 1, 04

Christian will be flying to LA, his 1st trip, Thursday night June 9th from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Check back here often and read his Daily blog of his weekend in LA and at LA Pride.

Christian at Mann Chinese Theater Hollywood

Here's what I've been up to the last couple days:

Thursday: I flew in after the most stressful week I've had in months back
in Michigan ready to start the vacation off right. David Syner picked me up
and we were off to the Ramada Hotel in West Hollywood. He made sure to point
out all the different parts of LA and important buildings on our way to the
hotel, unfortunately it was really dark outside and it was difficult to see.
Upon checking into the well decorated hotel and getting comfortable in the
room I received a wonderful gift bag full with magnets, DVDs, guidebooks,
and a Dievx Dv Stade calendar. I hear that the gift bag was courtesy of (thank you). After looking over all the gay titles and the calendar
it was time for a shower and then out to find food. I was able to walk right
through the LGBT nightlife of West Hollywood and there were many street
vendors selling all sorts of jewelry and other accessories. The vendors were
very eccentric one had a 4 foot Dr. Seuss hat and was showing off more than
his upper thigh through a hole in his jeans (if you know what I mean). I
made it out to Hamburger Haven and the food was awesome. Since I was worn
out from the flight I decided that it was time to head back to the hotel and
get some sleep.

Friday: I woke up this morning at 8am a little worried because I found out
the charger on my new phone didn't work, but I decided it was a chance to go
out and explore West Hollywood and perhaps Beverly Hills. I walked on Santa
Monica Blvd. to Fairfax and then down to Melrose and back to La Cienega
during my search. The window shopping was excellent! The most exciting
stores were the Jaguar store, the Ducati Motorcycle store, Trashy Lingerie
store (, I believe), Provocateur, and many many Antique stores.
The David Picked me up from my hotel and took me out to the Hollywood Walk
Of Fame. I saw Daffy Duck's star (I think it was daffy not Donald) Fred
Astaire and Marilyn Monroe's Star. Then it was off to a tour of the star's
homes. The most impressive were J-Lo's, Leo's, and Aaron Spelling's estate.
Then I got a drive through of Rodeo Drive (I'll have to return) but
unfortunately there were no Star Sightings while I was out. When David came
to pick me up we got a picture at the Chinese Theatre and then back to the
hotel so I could take a nap. David picked me back up that evening and took
me to a wonderful party for his choreographer friend, Mr. Doug Caldwell,
called "A Concert of Love." If you're into music and dance at all this was
the best show I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. The dancers and
choreography were the best, most fresh, and most passionate I've seen. Then
it was out for dinner and I decided to stop by a few clubs. I went to Here
and had a couple glasses of Champagne then it was off to a Dance by the LA
LGBT Center, and finally the Abby. The Abby was the most impressive full of
hot young guys and go-go dancers on stages. The clubs were packed, hot, and
best of all no cover. Maybe I'll go in depth next time but it's time for me
to head out on the streets of LA again.

Sorry I havn't written to you all on a daily basis but it's been a little
crazy here in LA. After I wrote you all on Saturday I went out to eat some
lunch at Quiznos and while I was eating a cute guy came up to me and said
hey arn't you that kid from Gay Fuel. I was a little bit worried cause I
didn't know who he was, and wondered who in LA would know me. Well it turns
out it was Murphy from who had sponsored the gift bag that was
waiting in my hotel room. So we sat and ate our lunch together and exchanged
numbers so that we could meet up later and he could show me the nightlife.
I headed off to the opening of Pride LA 2005 and it was amazing. The pass
that David gave me got me express entry through the VIP entrance and I was
able to get some free water to drink while I was walking around on such a
sunny day. I made my way around to about 70 booths set up by different
vendors, charities, and consessions. I was amazed at how busy it was (and I
found out that it was the slow day.)I met people from the Trevor Project,
the Gay and Lesbien Center for LA, and multiple HIV research teams. I found
that you could get rapid testing for HIV so that you could know your HIV
status within 20 minutes and everythign (except food and drinks) were free
for everyone.

I must say something about the boys. There were so many gay boys and most of
them were beautiful, it's worth it to come out here just to cruise. If you
have a particular kind of guy you like he was here. There were short ones,
tall ones, big ones, small ones, dark ones, light ones, red fish and blue
fish (sorry got mixed up.) And if you don't have a particular kind of guy in
mind you could come here and shop around. I was also able to learn a lot
about the different communities within the LGBT spectum. I learned a lot
about lesbiens, politics, partnership benefits, gay parents, and the bdsm

I had an interesting time within the walls of the bdsm section of the fair.
When I arrived I saw a demo on Erotic Hot Wax play. This spiked my curiosity
and I decited that it was time to talk to learn a little more about the bdsm
community. I sat down there and talked to people about how they got into the
scene and what it meant to them. Then I saw one of the guys giving a
flogging to a woman and I was thinking what do I have to lose. So I asked if
he would flog me. Flogging is getting whipped with what most of you would
call a "cat of nine tails" but the whip is made with leather and has more
than nine lashes on it. The funny thing is that it didn't hurt at all. The
whole thing was like a massage and really left me relaxed. David called me
shortly after that and he met me in the VIP room back at the gate and after
doing one more qick walk through it was out to dinner.
I don't remember the name of the place but David took me out for an amazing
burger and we ate while we waited for one of his friends to arrive from
doing the 700mile bike ride from San Francisco to LA for HIV. While we ate
we talked about LA and job searches. Then of course who should arrive but
Murphy so he sat down and had a cocktail with us. After his friend arrived
we then headed back to the room to get ready to go out.
That night I went back to Pride and got to dance with tons of people at two
of the 4 stages they had set up. Then it was off to Rage for a drink. The
number of hot gay men still surprises me. I had a wonderful time dancing
till I couldn't hardly walk.

On Sunday I woke up in time to get a good spot for the parade. I met these
lovely lesbiens who made me feel like I was part of their group. The parade
started off with "Dykes with Bikes" and let me tell you it was amazing they
were loud and excited and they'd peel out and then stop suddenly and it was
amazing to hear the crowd cheer them on. The parade itself lasted about 2
hours and so much happened it's hard to summarize it all in words. I did
take about 40 pictures though and as soon as I can get on a computer that I
can scan them into I'll show you all of them. The highlights were seeing
Anna Nicole Smith, The guy fom Super Size Me, and Paris Hilton (and I think
Nicole Richie but I thought her and Paris weren't friends anymore... hmmm.)
Then it was back to the Festival where I realized that the crowd must have
doubled in size. I couldn't even guess how many people were there and it was
the best time ever. Everyone was happy and dancing. There were very plain
people as well as the very exotic and elaborate and everything in between.
Of course I had to make my way back to the bdsm part of the festival. While
I was there I saw a Cigar Scene and got whipped with a single tail bull
whip, it was crazy and the most fun I think I've ever had. I spent the
entire day just soaking up the sun and atmosphere (not to mention checking
out the guys.) That day took so much out of me that I went back to hotel
room and rested for a while. Then I went out for a walk to see all the crazy
party people at night. I ran back into the street vendor that I said was
showing off more than he should have been and he gave me a free ring that I
will always remember my trip by. On the way home from my walk I found a guys
wallet and spent the rest of the night trying to contact him so I could
return his wallet.

Monday I checked out of the hotel and returned the wallet to the cute little
latino boy it belonged to. Then I went out to the Pleasure Chest and bought
2 Floggers so that I could learn to use them and to remember my time here.
Then I sat around by the pool and waited for my Aunt and Uncle to come and
pick me up. I said good bye to a dark Hollywood never to forget the time
I've spent here, knowing that I'd come back to to experience more in the