“Pride in the Park 2005 was a phenomenal success with the likings of pop dance diva AMBER, over 60 vendors, over 7,000 attendees and the support of sponsors like you.…We'd love to have Gay Fuel support our Main Stage and Headliner in 2006. Look for our sponsorship pack this fall.”


Brad Wentz
2005 PITP Chairman
Pride of the Greater Lehigh Valley

“First let me thank you again for your support of PrideFest Milwaukee. This was a record year, not only in attendance with 21,368 (last year 15,807), but with sponsors as well. Your particaption contributed to that…
I did get a couple of inquiries about the product and told them to go to your web site to find out about distribution. I hope they do, it would be nice if one of our bars picked up the product; we'll have to wait and see.

Thank you again for all your support, hope we can do it again next year.”

Forward In Pride & Peace,
PrideFest Milwaukee

“We had a blast! We were expecting to be rained out but the weather broke unexpectedly and it turned out to be a spectacular weekend! Gay Fuel sold like hotcakes! We served it iced and people loved it! We ran out long before the festival ended!...

Thank you for all of your support and advice during the past year. Your insights have been invaluable.”

NW Pride, Portland

“It was great - weather good, big crowds - great event - still estimating about 10,000 and folks want us to expand our hours so all in all good… thanks for all the support - the Gay Fuel was a big hit - lots of folks just wanted to the can for a sourvenior and the VIP's got into a bidding war for it - good comments all around! Talk to you soon,”

Albuquerque Pride

“WOW - it was pretty cool! We had about 2000 people if not more at the Festival - it was PACKED We sold out of Gay Fuel by 3:30pm (the rally started at 1pm) We told people to ask for the local bars to carry it and also told them that it was available locally at the Pleasure Boutique. It had some of the youth running around with gay fuel tattoos and t-shirts - people were asking if they could buy the shirts as well! :)


Javier Smith

“The event was a huge success. We had approximately 10,000 in attendance, which is a significant jump from last year's attendance of about 4,500. It was a fantastic event and we have received tons of compliments and positive feedback from the entire community.

Gay Fuel was a hit. We had over 900 people in the pavilion and it was a very warm day so it helped perk people's interest in an energy drink.

It was great to have Gay Fuel as a sponsor. We had a lot of people asking us about the product and I think we were able to provide some positive exposure. I know you are not yet distributing out our way, but hopefully you get some results from sponsoring Pride Buffalo.

…Thanks for all of your support. “

Take care.

pride buffalo

“Pride was great, the largest ever and for our first year of organizing it, I could not have asked for anything better.

... We went though all the product that you sent…Let me know if you need anything else.”

Harold Keutzer
President, Board of Directors
Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Greater Cincinnati Inc

“Pride went well due to your support. We are currently trying to get all the pictures together so that we can send them to you. As soon as I get a chance I will send the banner back. The product was GREAT, look forward to someone locally distributing it soon. Thanks again for ALL your support it really meant SO much David. Without you I'm not sure things would have gone as smoothly. Will be in touch.”

Columbus GA Gay PRIDE


”Hi David, everything went well..I like the drink, I bought some to take home. I run 3-5 miles 3 times a week and compete in at least one 5k a month. I hope to sponsor a Pride 5k next year. I am the Team Dayton organizer for Gay Games in Chicago for 2006. I was able to sell a lot of it to Team Members and other athletic types. I turned a Sports Psychologist on to it too. He is a good customer of Q-Gifts. We are going to keep it on hand for all of our Team Dayton meetings. The local Bear Club immediately adapted it to their Vodka drinks, they were also one of our good customers. It was handy that their booth was by ours. Other people bought it out of curiosity. We got the best feedback from kids. They guzzled it and bugged their Moms for more. We sold all the product you sent. It was nice to promote Gay Fuel, a product sold by Q- Gifts… As the Emcee’s promoted Gay Fuel, it was nice to tell people where they could buy it…Your sponsorship was generous and I hope we can continue our relationship. Please let us know how we can assist you in continuing to promote Gay Fuel. “

John Z
Dayton Pride

“By all accounts it was our best pride ever. attendance was at its highest. our best guess is about 15,000. the weather was picture perfect. feedback form vendors and attendees alike was that it was wonderful. and we definitely appreciated gay fuel's support…
thanks again so much for your support!”
Jersey Pride,

“Thank you for your support, the event was a hugh success.”


LA Pride

“Pride was the best it has ever been this year in Nashville! We're hearing it from everyone we speak with, about the weekend. Crystal (Waters) added the extra energy that our festival has needed for several years. Thanks for being a part of the success!...
Thanks again!..”

David Maddux
Nashville Pride

“Many thanks for your sponsorship and participation at SacPride2005!”

Corey Wilkerson
Director, SacPride2005

“The event was spectacular and the attendance, what great. Thanks again for all your help …When you are ready to start working the FT Lauderdale area let me know and I will e mail you all the contact leads for local businesses that can help you start you here locally. If you need any other help don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again and hope we can work together sometime soon. “

M ik e Cruz
Pride South Florida ***************************************

“Thank you so much for the donation of gay fuel – we sold out of it. This year’s event went very well. This year’s flow went much smoother then in past years and the layout was great. I am very pleased with the turn out of participants and the event as a whole.

I am also very excited about this new partnership and look forward to talking with you more about how we can make this relationship grow.

Again, thank you so much for your …Look forward to hearing from you soon.”

Nathan B. Smith
Community Resource Manager
Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (RAIN)
Charlotte Pride

”I sold every can of it. Everyone was excited to see it and get it. Thank you so much!!!

Our PRIDE was amazing. It went off better than we had anticipated! Bigger and better next year is the goal.

Robbie Bruns
Clarksville Pride

“Our Pride was GREAT! One of our best ever! Beautiful weather, great crowd, over 40 vendors, over 2000 people.

We SOLD OUT of Gay Fuel about midway through the festival --it was a hit! People kept coming back to the two drink stations, asking for more, long after we sold out. THANK YOU so much for donating the drinks…
Thank you for your sponsorship!”

Ed Madden
for SCGLPM-South Carolina Pride


Thank you David,

You were very professional in handling this... I respect your honesty and loyalty

All my best,
Will Gorges


Wow!!!! If you’ve been anywhere in West Hollywood, then it’s old news to you, but the Pool Party was the talk around town over the weekend. Everyone was talking about it – I mean it. I’ve received nonstop calls from individuals who couldn’t make it and they were green with envy of those in attendance.

Thank you so much for your sponsorship. Everyone LOVED the Gay Fuel!

Walking around on Saturday, talking with donors and press, the feeling was unanimous – it felt ‘good’ to be in attendance.

With your help, we raised over $13,000! To put this in “real” terms – your efforts will allow us to help 1,200 teen in crisis. These teens may never know who made it possible for their calls to be answered or know of your generosity with your sponsorship, the hundreds of hours of hard work, money, sweat and love that went into organizing this benefit. But, know that somewhere out there, a teen is on his way to a better, healthier life because of you.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, staff and the thousands of teens you’ve allowed us to help – thank you!

With gratitude,

Jorge Valencia
Executive Director


Everything went great! The event was a big hit. The word of mouth following the event is just fantastic. For a first event I think we could not have asked for more. The expectation for Lattitude 2 is intense and we're planning our next move now.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to working with you again on the next one!

DJ De León


event was a smash! gay fuel room was really cool... i'm looking forward to
next time.


Gus Presents, Colossus


Still digging out and adding and subtracting...but all in all things turned out pretty well and any feedback that I have gotten so far has been nothing but good. :-)

GayFuel is really good btw! That guy you sent...what was his name....ummmm...oh yeah Chris - forced a couple of them on me....so of course I had to be polite and drink them. Seriously, I really enjoyed the product and everyone I spoke with liked it as well...have heard NOTHING bad...and that is always good. :-)

One suggestion though....you should throw in one Chris Tatar with every can. Next year, if we work together again (which I would love to) I want in the contract that your Mr. Chris Tatar will be the Producer's boyfriend for the weekend.

Chris was fantastic. You have a jewel of an employee with that one...and I truly mean that....but I am thinking you knew that already. Not just a pretty face, but smart, personable and always finds a polite and professional way to bringing the GayFuel into conversation and not have it be pushy and obnoxious. :-)

... Thanks David and I will follow up with any photos and such for you to see!

Ben Parsley
Splash Productions


Glad that you were happy with the weekend,... And glad
that you were able to attend...Thanks so much!


Jeffrey Epstein
Gay Days Disneyland


Thanks for being a sponsor of the CT Gay & Lesbian
Film Festival. We really appreciate your support...


Dan Millett
Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival


Excellent meeting Chris. Terrific representative for your company and

Thank you for the great giveaways! Hopeful he and our volunteer survived...
Thanks for all.
-- Ed


I hope all goes well, we received the product yesterday from Chris - thanku! we all loved it up here, I love that its not too sweet.

... thanks again for your great support.

all the best,

Frances Wallace Sponsorship Manager Frameline


It was great to connect with you. Thanks so much for being a sponsor! ...
and it went VERY well, such a crowd you could barely move in the lobby... Have a great week David, and thanks again for your participation!
Many blessings to you!
5th Annual "Coming Out Proud" Kalamazoo Gay and Lesbian Film Festival,


Everything was a SMASH hit..

we had around 12,000 people in attendance and approx 4,500 underneath the roundhouse while RuPaul was on stage..

Thank you for your support

With Pride

Travis Sawyer
PR/Marketing Director
Savannah PRIDE INC


The screening went great. We had a full house and the audience loved the film. Jim Verraros and Guinevere Turner were wonderful. We had a lot of inquiries about Gay Fuel and if we were serving it. Thanks again for your support and I will be sending you a copy of the program.

Pam Powell
ILGBTFF Director
Pamela E. Powell


Hi David

The 2005 Long Island Pride Parade was a huge success. We want to thank Gay Fuel for your sponsorship. There was alot a positive feedback from on our volunteers concerning Gay Fuel.

With Pride



Dear Gay Fuel,

I do want to thank Gay Fuel for the support of the Seattle Pride Event in 2005! Saturday proved to be another hot one and we sold out all product on hand before the event ended that day. It was well received and was a great additional product to help our organization raise funds needed to pay the bills and expand the event in other much needed areas.
I look forward to working with Gay Fuel in 2006 and with the help of Nicole Browning (of Portland OR Pride) hope to bring it into the InterPride Region 2 family of Pride Events!

Thanks again for all your efforts and support!
Frank Leonzal, Seattle Pride Committee, President & InterPride Region 2 CoDirector


It was nice working with you, too bad we did not get a chance to meet.

Wayne Burling
Pride St. Louis, Inc.